Application Process and Eligibility

The application window for current 9th and 10th graders opens on January 31st.  All applications for the 24-25 school year will be due on March 31st at 4pm.

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Please contact our office if you need assistance completing the application or have questions about the process: 408-635-2805


Milpitas Middle College High School Eligibility Requirements


MMCHS Learning Model: Scholars with High Academic Potential (80%) or Advanced Achievement (20%) are able to obtain college experience and accrue college credit by enrolling in a highly challenging and supportive environment.  Students will pair Honors Level High School courses with College Level coursework as they work toward both a high school diploma as well as foundational college work that will set them on a pathway to their postsecondary goals. The high school coursework will be offered between 8:45am and 12:05pm daily at the SJCC Extension Campus, while the College Coursework (some of which will be applied to their A-G requirements) will be taken before and/or after the high school hours through San Jose City College.

MMCHS Requirements: Scholars attending Milpitas MMCHS will be expected to maintain good academic standing and excellent participation in all their courses.  Any scholars on academic probation in their high school or college courses will be required to attend tutoring (provided by the MMCHS and available through SJCC).


*We target High Potential first generation college scholars and leaders as part of the Milpitas MMCHS mission.

Application Screening:

Application Process Overview:


Milpitas Middle College High School Requisitos de Elegibilidad:


11th Grade Cohort

MMCHS modelo de aprendizaje: Estudiantes con una potencial académica avanzada (80%) o desempeño sobresaliente (20%) pueden obtener una experiencia universitaria y ganar créditos universitarios al inscribirse en un ambiente altamente solidario y exigente. Estudiantes tomarán cursos a nivel de honor de la escuela preparatoria junto con cursos fundamentales universitarias para prepararles a lograr sus metas post-preparatorias. Las clases de la escuela preparatoria serán ofrecidas entre las 08:45 am y 12:05 pm diariamente en el SJCC Extension Campus. Los cursos universitarios (algunos de los cuales serán aplicadas a los requisitos A-G) serán tomadas antes y/o después de las clases de la escuela preparatoria en San Jose City College.

MMCHS Requisitos: Estudiantes asistiendo a Milpitas MMCHS deberán mantener un alto nivel de rendimiento académico y participación excelente en todas sus clases. Cualquier estudiante puesto en un periodo de prueba académica deberá asistir tutoría (ofrecida por MCHS y disponible por SJCC)

Requisitos de Elegibilidad:

*Nos dirigimos a líderes y estudiantes universitarios de primera generación de alto potencial como parte de la misión de MMCHS.

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