Educational Pathways

Students select a pathway from the choices below and are provided with individualized counseling from our San Jose City College counselor to select college courses.  Students also receive presentations and mentoring from professionals in their pathway and gain internships or work based learning experience as part of their educational experience.

Education/Social Work

This pathway provides the opportunity for students to take college coursework, including the 12 units required to earn an ECE certificate. In addition to immediate access to jobs in childcare related facilities, this pathway also provides a foundation for students pursuing baccalaureate study in TK-12 education; child psychology; children, youth, and family services; child advocacy; social work and other social sciences. 

The Education/Social Work pathway at MMCHS includes opportunities to gain access to professionals in the field who share experiences and advice with the students.  They are also able to job shadow, earn classroom experience, and develop a portfolio to prepare them for their careers making a difference in the lives of students and the broader community.

Future Educator Organizations:

Computer Science and Technology

The MMCHS Computer Science and Technology Pathway allows students to take college courses related to Computer Information Systems, Programming, Data Sciences and higher level Maths.  Students will have the opportunity to hear experiences from Business professionals, connect through Work Based Learning and work collaboratively with business executives solving real world problems, and apply for internships.

Student Computer Science Organizations:

Health Sciences

The Health Sciences pathway prepares students for a future career in the health field.  Students take college courses in Public Health, Medical Terminology, Anatomy and more that provides a strong foundation whether a student is preparing for pre med studies or to jump directly into the healthcare field as an EMT or medical assistant.  Students have access to college level laboratory studies, medical professional guest speakers, as well as volunteer work based learning opportunities in health care facilities.

Student Health Science Organizations: