College and Career Advisory

What is College and Career Advisory? The purpose of College and Career Advisory is for students to have a time and a place to feel comfortable developing, articulating, and pursuing their academic and personal goals. This is designed to be a place that students consider their “home base” at school. Students will have the opportunity to develop personal relationships and interpersonal communication skills with staff and peers, and their Advisor will have an opportunity to build a relationship with the student and their family. Advisory is a place for students to feel valued as an individual, safe, and cared for. It is a class where students will practice civil discourse, exchange ideas, and analyze the intersectionality of experiences and build community.

Evaluation: Advisory is a Pass/No Pass course and does include graded assignments.


Academic Focus


Study & test-taking skills

Non-cognitive factors to learning (organization, time management, etc.)

Agenda Check


Community Focus


Academic Focus: Work Time, Peer Support, Retake Days, Edgenuity, and Attendance Tracking


Structured Civil Discourse


Community Focus