Honors 12th Grade English Syllabus

12th grade Honors English

Mrs. Lau Manluco “Mama Lau”

mmanluco@musd.org (408) 713-0737

*text or call before 8pm, pls leave your full name every time you message

Overview of course:

The purpose of this class is for you to express yourself through writing, feel connected to the world through reading, and unite with each other through listening and speaking. In general, it will allow you to see that YOU will empower yourself so that you can become the next leaders in your communities.

You will be asked to :

-Work hard and push your boundaries and comfort

-Participate and engage

-Respect one another and seek to understand others; as their lives are just as complex as yours

-Be accountable for your actions


Objectives of course:

The objective of this course is to teach you English through the use of student choice, and prepare you for the world ahead of you. It is designed for you to navigate the world we live in with a conscious and critical mindset and as this is your last year in high school, this last year is to prepare you as you enter the wonderful world of colleges, universities, and jobs! Welcome to the beginning of the adulting.


There will normally be music played in the background in class, particularly during activities. I do not condone any actions or behavior based on what we listen to. If any of this music offends you in any way, please stay after class and please let me know.

Grading scale:


F- No evidence of meeting the standard


D- Does not meet the standard


C- Approaching the standard


B- Meets the standard


A- Exceeds the standard

Supplies needed:


(multiple colors)



Post its

Reading book at your grade level

College ruled large notebook (no composition notebooks)

In class headphones

Computer & charger

Mandated Reporting for Mrs. Lau Manluco:

-harm to others -harm to self -elderly or youth abuse -negligence


Semester 1

  1. Preparing for University

    1. Apply to two scholarships

    2. Extend one of your PIQ essays

  2. Literary Analysis

    1. Students will write a 5-7 page formal essay based on either a literary or non-literary work or collection of works studied in class. Students will determine a topic and focus for their essay and will choose which text(s) to analyze.

      1. Analysis of rhetorical devices and its intended impact on the reader

      2. Evaluate themes and their development over the course of the text

  3. Why you gotta be so dramatic? Project

    1. Unpack the literary analysis

    2. Create a dramatic presentation from the literary analysis

    3. Community event

Semester 2

  1. Begin solution #2 for your Community Impact Project

    1. Start solution #2 for Community Impact Project

      1. Try to find someone who was directly impacted by your Community Impact Project


  1. Pre-preparation for career readiness

  1. C.R.E.A.M., Cash Rules Everything Around Me

    1. Job portfolios, Cover letters, Resumes, Mock Interviews.

  2. Implementation of potential solution #2 for Community Impact Project

    1. Capstone presentation to the community

    2. Senior reflections

I understand and have read the syllabus clearly:

Student name:____________________________ Date:___________

Student signature:________________________________


Please have your PARENT sign below:

Modern day media permission slip

Our institution requires that we ask your parental permission for your student to view certain materials that may be PG-13 or R rated. This material will be utilized for curriculum purposes only and will assist youth in learning difficult concepts. It is my belief that an important aspect of learning is for youth to have a connection with what they are studying and their day to day experiences. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.


-Yes, I _______ (parent name) will allow my son/daughter ________ (student name) to participate in viewing materials that may be PG13 or R rated

-No, I _______ (parent name) prefer my son/daughter ________ (student name) to not participate in these activities that may be PG13 or R rated and understand that alternative class work will be assigned.

-Sí, yo (nombre de los padres) permitiré que mi hijo/hija (nombre del estudiante) participe en la visualización de materiales que pueden ser PG13 o R clasificados

-No, yo (nombre de los padres) prefiero que mi hijo/hija (nombre del estudiante) no participe en estas actividades que pueden ser PG13 o R clasificados y entender que se asignará trabajo alternativo en clase.

-Vâng, tôi _______ (tên phụ huynh) sẽ cho phép con trai / con gái tôi ________ (tên học sinh) tham gia xem các tài liệu có thể được xếp hạng PG13 hoặc R

-Không, tôi _______ (tên phụ huynh) không muốn con trai / con gái ________ (tên học sinh) của tôi không tham gia vào các hoạt động có thể được xếp loại PG13 hoặc R và hiểu rằng bài tập thay thế của lớp sẽ được giao.

- 是的,我 _______(父母姓名)將允許我的兒子/女兒 ________(學生姓名)參與查看可能是 PG13 或 R 級的材料

- 不,我 _______(父母姓名)更喜歡我的兒子/女兒 ________(學生姓名)不參加這些可能是 PG13 或 R 級的活動,並且了解將分配替代的課堂作業。

Procedures and Expectations:

*Directions: Initial each line below to show that you understand all procedures and routine for this class. After, please give this syllabus back to Ms. Lau

___We are trying new things, please be patient.

___ If I have any issues with what we do, I will respectfully address Mrs. Lau Manluco

___Things in the syllabus will change as we grow together in a community

___If I am not being challenged enough, I will respectfully address Mrs. Lau Manluco, as one of her primary goals is to help me learn.

SECOND PART Procedures and Expectations

-I_________________(parents name) have read the “Procedures and Expectations” section with my student______________ (student name)and have talked about this issue with them.

-Yo (nombre de los padres) he leído la Sección "Procedimientos y expectativas" con mi estudiante (nombre del estudiante) y he hablado sobre este tema con ellos.

Tôi _________________ (tên phụ huynh) đã đọc phần “Thủ tục và Kỳ vọng” với học sinh của tôi _______________ (tên học sinh) và đã nói về vấn đề này với họ.


Parent Name:___________________________

Best contact information:_________________________________________

Preferred method of contact (please circle one or more):

-text -phone call -email -in person mtg -

PARENT SIGNATURE: ____________________________________

If you can lend a helping hand, our classrooms are in need of the following items:

-Alcohol wipes or lysol wipes -Medium or large stackable pencil boxes

-Tissue boxes -Cough drops for students

-Highlighters -Colored cardstock paper

-College ruled binder paper -11th and 12th grade appropriate books

-Non-perishable snacks for students when they are hungry (individually wrapped=bonus)

-Pens (variety of colors) -$5 gift cards for students during academic challenges