Middle College High 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Middle College?

Middle College is an innovative, contemporary high schoool on a college campus that provides the opportunity for students to begin their college courses, earn a high school diploma, accrue credits towards a certificate or degree, and begin an internship or work study in the community as part of the educational process.

Who should attend?

Students should consider attending the Middle College if they are prepared to engage in coursework in a college setting.  Students who prefer a smaller setting and would benefit from more individualized course selection and support will have more opportunities for success at a Middle College.

Students who are currently underpreforming in a traditional high school setting or have had historically limited access to higher education would be ideal candidates. 

Students who want to take charge of their education and positively impact their community should apply today!

Am I still a student at another high school if I join Middle College?

No, students who join the Milpitas Middle College High School will need to withdraw from their current high school. They will become students at the Middle College and at San Jose City College and will graduate from the Milpitas Middle College High School.  **Students who join the Middle College will still be eligible to try out for MHS athletics.

What are the benefits to a student at MMCHS?