Student Leadership and Government

As the Associated Student Government of Milpitas Middle College (ASGMMC), we have done various projects to help give back to our school community and beyond. 

We started our year with Welcome Week, and thrived as we built community with our fellow students through school socials that we have planned as a team. During Welcome Week, we also collaborated with students to choose our mascot, school colors, and slogan. We are proud to say that we are the sage green and beige Milpitas Mushrooms who are growing together, paving the way for more. Our team has also helped out with Back to School Night, in which our ASGMMC Vice President Kaitlyn Hsu and our Student Site Council Representative Harishankar Raghunauth both made presentations on students’ college classes in place of college professors. Our team has also organized fun events for the school, such as monthly Spirit Days. Some examples of Spirit Days that we have done include School Color Day, Pajama Day, and Fictional Character Day. 

Alongside these fun events, we have also decided to reach out to the greater community with multiple drives. As a team, we have helped host three different drives: the Jack Emery Food Drive, City Team Coat Drive, and Stanford Blood Drive. We are thankful for those who have donated to and helped plan out these drives, and plan to host many more for years to come. To continue to fund these initiatives and many more, we have also decided to create a Student Store. Our Student Store has been a massive success and we will continue growing our inventory and plan to use the funds to have greater projects that help our community. ASGMMC is proud of our progress as a team and will continue to grow and provide through our many projects and meetings. 

If you would like to keep up with our school events, please follow our instagram page @mmchsmushrooms, thank you! 

By Denise Cuenca, ASGMMC Publicist Manager